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About tweewoo

tweewoo is a music social network decided to connecting music lovers with artists of all types and styles from around the world.

Learn about tweewoo, the best in free music websites

tweewoo is an easy to use platform for emerging and independent artists/bands and record labels to promote their music on a network of listeners from around the world. tweewoo hosts free online radio stations where users can listen to over 20 different genres of music, build a personalized radio based on artists they are following, download free legal mp3, discover new artists and browse, share and connect with listeners with same music tastes.

tweewoo offers free streaming internet radio, social networking tools and acces to a music catalogue, plus free tools for artists and record labels to manage and promote their music on the radio.

Finding free music can be like an adventure itself. Scouring the Internet and uncovering the world of underground bands that are just about to hit it big, has become a sort of quest for those who want to be ahead of the masses.

tweewoo gets you connected to the band. They may be new and upcoming, but they are about to hit it big because they have the talent. You will be able to connect to their profiles and listen to their newest music.

Using a free music website like tweewoo can also help you find similar bands to what you like. You will be able to find someone who has the same voice style or same music style as your other favorite bands. This will expand your music library and give you a little bit of variety rather than listening to the same band over and over again.

Finding these breakout bands actually will take some research on the Internet. Not every band is going to be the next best thing. But once you find that diamond in the rough, you will cherish it before they are polished into the next mega band.