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Humongously Yours

by Cutting Edge

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Released: January 1999

The success of the song, "D.C. Shuffle" caught everyone by surprise and after a couple of months of discussions, while the song was still charting, they decided to do an album to see what would happen. William Zimmerman and Liza Pesnell started writing songs for the band while David Pesnell formed a record label called Thunder Quest Records and they lined up their own publishing company called Magenta Rose Publishing. The success of the album, called "Humongously Yours" stunned everyone with the project. The first release, "Without You" soared up the R&R AC and POP charts to number 16, while songs like "It's Time", "Judas of D.C." and "Abuse of Power scored on the rock charts. The biggest surprise was a song called "Love Police" that hit number 20 in the U.S. and charted for over a year, a feat that only Cutting Edge as an indie band has every accomplished. Another success of the album was that college radio stations seemed to embrace the band's "in your face protest songs" as the band received college radio play for over a year. Cutting Edge did a limited concert tour that year.







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