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Gabriel Brunot was born September 16,
1990 in the growing city of Bridgeport Connecticut. Gabriel
has been a singer since the age of 6 and discovered his
passion for music at the age of 11. Gabriel was born into a very God driven family and was very active in his church community. Growing up exposed to
greats such as Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, and R Kelly
enticed Gabriel to pursue music as a career. He then began
competing at talent shows and performing as he could for
several years. Along the way he developed great dancing
skills and incorporated it in some of his performances.
Gabriel is currently in the small city of Bridgeport
Connecticut where he connected with his many fans and formed a team that is now known as "TeamGBrunot." He is currently in studio striving hard to make sure his music touches not just one group of people but Everyone.

Bridgeport, United States
Year Founded: 2010

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