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Hailing from Blackhawk, Colorado, the Pagan Tribal Rock band, HEARTBEAT, tells the pagan story in every appearance. This theatric troupe employs costumes, unusual props, set decoration, lighting and author Marc Sylvir narrating the story to welcome the audience into a magickal event.

High Priestess, Epona, casts a circle to collect and heighten the event’s energies in an effort to transform the world. HEARTBEAT specializes in world religion inspirational music for not only the Pagan and Wiccan community, but for any Spiritual Path. Their music touches and inspires both the new age and the curious.

HEARTBEAT’s members consist of: Barbara Doyle (lead vocals, keyboard, standard standing drum kit, Djembe, hung drum style percussion, Bowed Psaltery, and miscellaneous percussion), Greg Boyles (guitar, Djembe), Patricia McIntosh (Bass guitar, mountain dulcimer, and Djembe), Brandon Witte (standard drum kit, Djembe and Djuns) Soaren Wallace (lead guitar) and periodically George “Puck” Brown, (Djembe and Digeridoo).

HEARTBEAT’s first album, Blood Moon, was released in 2009. Music from this album has not only inspired people who are Pagan around the world, it has also touched those of many diverse spiritual paths not only from the United States but also in exotic places as far as Turkey, India, Australia, South Africa, Philippines, Indonesia, Serbia and Slovakia. HEARTBEAT has played several festivals and events throughout Colorado, and shared the stage with other artists such as Wendy Rule, Lunar Fire, The Gypsy Nomad’s, Pandora Celtica, Tuathua, Kenny Kline, Fire in the Asylum, Born In Winter and Odin’s Other Eye. They have performed on day events such as Colfax Marathon and Front Range Pagan Pride, and were on the Board of Directors for FRPP two (2) years running. They have performed at popular local venues such as Buffalo Rose, 3 Kings, D-Note, and the Mercury Café. They have performed by request their unique show at many private parties, events and Charities. They have been asked to perform at many other upcoming events such as Witches Ball in Colorado Springs and the Western Slope Pagan Pride Day. In 2010 HEARTBEAT was selected by Odin’s Other Eye to welcome the community at all of Odin’s major events, counting down to the end of the Mayan calendar, and a new age of enlightenment.

Due to their diverse and original musical style and presenting their show in a very unique and theatrical way, HEARTBEAT is quickly becoming the new band to see.

Blackhawk, United States
Year Founded: 2009

Barbara Doyle [Lead Singer]
Soraen Wallace [Lead guitar, Vocals]
Patricia McIntosh [Bass]
Brandon Wittie [Drums, Vocals]
Greg Boylesq [Rhythm Guitar]

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