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Independent from the burdens of “everyday” SUPER has entered into the realm of altered consciousness. "Music is the universal language of mankind," declares Minnie, “even if there is a language barrier between fans and the artist. No matter what part of the world music is the common ground that brings us together - there is a level of connection musically and you can connect with anyone, anywhere.” Heartz is all about LOVE. Through music Heartz shares her emotions and has the power to make you groove and Sweetz uses music as an outlet from her “prim and proper” life and calls it like it is! “Music and Art are a way of life for me, there is NO OTHER WAY” offers Sweetz - a proud New Yorker “literally” born into Music. Sweetz was always encouraged to “stay clear of the music world” even though her heart always secretly dwelled there. After years of avoiding her passion, Sweetz decided to give it a go around and found that music gave her more color and life than she could ever imagine.

Establishing a connection with their audience that is anything but "meek and mild" SUPER has an explosive sound destined to propel them into the Pop Top 10. Already receiving the stamp of approval from notable industry insiders, to include Hip-Hop Icon and Grammy Winner, T.I., and super producer Dave “Switch” Taylor (Beyonce “Run The World”, Christina Aguilera, M.I.A, Santigold).The melodic rhythms on “Imagine”, “OXYGEN” and what’s sure to be one of this year’s hottest singles “Liar!” featuring T.I., has earned SUPER the title and stamped their identity as future forward musicians with the soon to be released CD titled 3012. Powered by Ensayne Music Group “Oxygen” is a sizzling mix of Electric Pop and R&B. The highly energetic dance track is just the first of what’s to come from the SUPER trio’s debut album “3012”, which will feature a hit list of producers including TWIZ (“X Factor”, Chris Brown “F.A.M.E”, Ciara “Evolution”), The Massey Brothers—Kyle Massey (“Dancing with the Stars”, and Disney Channel’s “Corey in the House” and “That’s So Raven”) and Chris Massey (Nickelodeon’s “Zoey 101”), and more.

Exhibiting compelling charm, striking style and total talent the outcome is a collaboration of Sweetz - she's the SWEETEST chick you'll ever meet, Heartz - Love always is her motto and Minnie is a flashy, outgoing & sexy character. Minnie loves being creative and isn't afraid to step outside the box. Each member of SUPER are exceptional in singing and dancing - each perfectly jive together to form a melodic clique that is SUPER! The songs mirror the colorful, fun and possibly complex lives of SUPER. There is nothing ordinary about this trio of rock stars - Sweetz name is definitely deceiving as she is super mischievous and blunt. Many others have had an opinion on her life as she grew up so, Sweetz is always looking to express her opinion, - so she decided, “NO MORE censoring” - Time to make her dreams come true. Where do broken Heartz go? Fans will find out as her heart turns to stone when it is broken and her evil side comes out which is Broken Heartz. This impression is also very much in tune with the soon to be released album 3012 and one its most anticipated singles “Liar” and “OXYGEN.”

Working with Platinum Producer Ensayne Wayne to develop the sound, direction and production for SUPER there is no denying the movement - Ensayne currently has production on NBA 2K12, & a sync licensing agreement with Bunim/Murray Productions for the following television shows "Keeping Up With The Kardashians", "Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too", "The Real World", "Extreme/All Star Challange", and "Road Rules". Ensayne Wayne has produced for various artist including; Plies' "Shawty", Rocko "Star", new hot artist Celeb Forever "High Horse" feat. Gucci Mane, "Hard Body" "Cartel" & "Say The Right Thing", Yo Gotti "Feelin Myself, anthem track "Atlanta, GA" featuring Ludacris, The Dream, Shawty Lo and Gucci Mane, AlleyBoy "Throw It Up", Kanye West new artist Chy Hi Da Prynce "Sideways" & Switching Positions, Lil Hot "RIch Bytch" , Giavanni "Whatever" featuring Wocka Flocka, Blood Raw "Ridiculous", Montanna Da Mac "All She Want Is Cash", Memphis new artist PBZ "Roof Off" & "Birthday". Upcoming projects include Twista, Super3012 & Xzbit.

Indeed, SUPER is the face of future forward music and Minnie is ready! “I think it’s amazing when I watch Beyonce perform in other countries that don't speak English yet they are in the crowd singing along and know every single word. That is such a powerful moment and I can’t wait to experience that!” The world class debut album 3012 echoes with catchy beats that will have everyone rushing to the dance floor while chanting the uncomplicated “anthem” style lyrics that will have a lasting impression on the listener. “Music makes me feel alive and when I perform it feels like heaven on earth!” Heartz is ready for the journey. The global appeal of SUPER seals their rightful claim as music’s best kept secret and makes you ask, “Who are these girls!” All will be revealed soon and in the meantime – “Jump Up and Down” and catch some “OXYGEN” and dance, dance, dance!

California, United States
Year Founded: 2011

Sweetz [Singer]
Heartz [Singer]
Minnie [Singer]

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