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T-banks Aka M$r

Artist Summary

Genres: Hip Hop / Emcee / ProducerLabel: Imperialhustle / M$R'sonist ProductionsManagement: Terell Banks

Artist Bio

Born "Terell Allen Banks" in "York, PA" 10/19/1983
"T-Banks aka M$R"(Mental R'sonist) Is A 100%
Independent Artist/Producer/Emcee/Networker
Dedicated To Taking Hip Hop Back From The Corporate Snakes Polluting It With Their Opinions And Self Beneficial Ideals.
(San Diego, Oceanside, Temecula, Murrieta, San Bernadino, Riverside, Moreno Valley, Hemet, Mesa, PHX,)
Did you know that so-called "Rap" music is another Tavistock program? So is "Hip-Hop." these words have been crafted by the technician in mind control and
behavior modification, so that they would fit in and became an integral part of Tavistock's gang wars program for
America's major cities.
The mostly subliminal, but increasingly open incitement to violence, unrestrained sex, anarchism and Satanism, is found
in abundance among the songs owned by Time Warner. This almost cult-like dominance of the youth of Western Europe
(and since the fall of the USSR, it is creeping into Russia and Japan also) is menacing civilization in Europe that has taken thousands of years to build up and mature. The huge following of youth and its seemingly insatiable appetite for
this kind of utter junk "music" is frightening to behold, as is
Tavistock's grip on the minds of those who listen to it.
The significance of this is that most of its revenues come from bizarre Rap/Pop/Rock sales of the violent, abusive, foul
language, sexually-suggestive titles, anarchy—which shows the way the youth of America is going.
Behind this gigantic enterprise stands the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations. As clearly demonstrated,
America is marching in lock-step with the gigantic movie/music industry;
unknown forces— powerful forces
whose sole aim and object is to pervert, twist and distort the minds of our youth, to make it all the easier for the
Committee of 300 to usher in the Socialist New World Order!
- One World Government -

Mesa, AZ, United States
Year Founded: 1983

Terell Banks [Emcee/Producer]

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