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Tuck @tuck_go_hard

49 plays, 3 followers
Jacksonville, United States

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Alton (Tuck) Jenkins , born June 17th 1988 in a small town called Hardeeville,Sc , while growing up mother suffering from kidney disease an still continues to make ends for her four sons, father struggling to maintain bills an struggling his addiction to alcohol, Tuck played football to ...  More »

Genres: Hip Hop

Tags: hot, tuckgohard, hot new, rick ross, tuckrealtv, hot music, 2011 worldstar hip hop, free download, upcoming

Sounds Like: Yo Gotti, Young Jeezy

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detrapman downloaded the track 'weight Up' Tuck Ft.fully Of Trick Daddy Music Gro from the album Weight up Tuck ft Fully by Tuck. 1 year ago

melcyph is now following Tuck. 2 years ago

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