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Progressive rock, also referred to as prog rock, prog-rock, or simply prog, is a rock music subgenre which originated in the United Kingdom, with further developments in Germany, Italy, and France, throughout the mid to late 1960s and 1970s. Developing from psychedelic rock, progressive rock originated, similarly to art rock, as a British attempt to give greater artistic weight and credibility to rock music.

Progressive rock intended to break the boundaries of traditional rock music by bringing in a greater and more eclectic range of influences, including free-form and experimental compositional methods, as well as new technological innovations.
Progressive rock saw a high level of popularity throughout the 1970s, especially in the middle of the decade, with bands such as Pink Floyd, Yes, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Genesis, and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. It started to fade in popularity by the later part of the decade, with the rawer and more minimalistic punk rock growing in popularity, and also with the rise of genres such as disco, funk, hard rock, roots rock, and the gradual emergence of hip-hop. Nevertheless, progressive rock bands were able to achieve commercial success well into the 1980s. By the turn of the 21st century, it witnessed a revival, often known as new prog, and has, ever since, enjoyed a cult following. The genre has influenced several other styles, ranging from krautrock to neo-classical metal; it has also fused with several other forms of rock music to create subgenres, including progressive metal.

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2,950 plays, 122 followers

Chicago, IL, United States

Rock, Progressive, Experimental

Immerse The Coast
4,245 plays, 85 followers

Mesa, United States

Rock, Progressive, Indie

Bhavans EDM
436 plays, 8 followers

Hyderabad, India


Omega Reign
2,047 plays, 26 followers

New Bedford, United States

Metal, Progressive, Screamo

Adrian Ursu
1,853 plays, 35 followers

Bucharest, Romania

Rock, Progressive, Ambient

604 plays, 15 followers

Essen, Germany

Electronica, Techno, Progressive

Awaking Mercury
894 plays, 14 followers

West Chester , United States

Rock, Progressive, Ambient

Obscure Elements
573 plays, 15 followers

Chicago, IL, United States

Electronica, Progressive, Pop

Skrillex (Soony John Moore)
295 plays, 5 followers

Los angeles , california , United States


839 plays, 14 followers

London, United Kingdom

Ambient, Electronica, Progressive

2,682 plays, 21 followers

Kingdom of a thousand, Germany

Electronica, Techno, Progressive

446 plays, 14 followers

London, United Kingdom

Trance, Electronica, Progressive

Stone Sonic
1,816 plays, 19 followers

Fremont, United States

Rock, Progressive, Metal

As Humanity Devastates
186 plays, 9 followers

Stockholm, Sweden

Metal, Hardcore, Progressive

Mario Tomic
468 plays, 10 followers

Toronto, Canada

Fusion, Progressive, Rock

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