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All Time Low is an American pop punk band formed in Baltimore, Maryland, United States in 2003 when Alex Gaskarth (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards) was in middle school, he was taken out of private school to public school, where he met Jack Barakat (lead guitar, backing vocals), his best friend, and put the band together and later recruited Rian Dawson (drums, percussion), and Zack Merrick (bass guitar, backing vocals). The band's name came from a line in the song Head On Collision by the band New Found Glory. Read more on

Artists (3)

Paper Hearts


Someday Came Suddenly
Albums (4)

Our Wild Affairs
by Paper Hearts

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2,081 plays

Love Like The Movies
by Paper Hearts

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2,981 plays

Living In Detention
by Jesterfortheking

1,335 plays

The Self- Titled Ep - Ep
by Someday Came Suddenly

370 plays

Tracks (19)
by Paper Hearts688120

by Paper Hearts83190

by Paper Hearts1,069120

by Paper Hearts76390

by Paper Hearts56280

by Paper Hearts601831 Free MP3

by Paper Hearts54870

by Jesterfortheking18510

by Someday Came Suddenly 13710

by Someday Came Suddenly 10310

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